Welcome to the International Matriarchist Party (IMP)

We are delighted that you have decided to join the IMP.

As the IMP is just starting to get organized, we are seeking members who aim to get involved. Therefore, there are no required subscription fees for the moment. Although you are obviously very welcome to contribute financially :

Take part in the third-millennium revolution

  • As a founding IMP member :
    • you will have access to the strategical discussion areas of the web site;
    • You will receive the IMP News Letter;
    • As a founding member, you will be able to have a decisive impact on the IMP startup and future success.

However, be sure that you agree with IMP's fundamental goals before going further.

If you do not agree with all these goals, please ensure that you have read the Free PDF manifesto. If it is still the case, you are welcome to leave your comments or ask questions on our Contact page.

The party's fundamental goals are:

  • Implement modern practical matriarchies by radically reforming the existing political, legal, and economic structures in the targeted communities. We do not aim to implement systems parallel to those enforced by law:
    • This does not mean that we could not use civil disobedience at some point to help the party achieve its goals.

Our matriarchy's social project shall start with three basic steps :

  1. At the political level, Aviacracy means that grandmothers (who do not have a daughter who is herself a grandmother) will hold an exclusive right to vote;
  2. At the economic level, Donarism will provide a universal basic income program that will guaranty that no one, and especially mothers with minor children, falls below the poverty line;
  3. At the social level, the default Matriage framework implies that the child's mother and matrilineal siblings will hold exclusive legal rights and duties to the child's care.

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