International Matriarchist Party (IMP) Internal rules

Draft Version

As the IMP is at a very early stage, the operating principles listed at this moment are subject to substantial changes and additions according to founding members' future collaboration. Do not hesitate to share your new ideas. However, new members must at least agree with the IMP fundamental goals presented below.

IMP fundamental goals

The party's fundamental goals are:

  • Implement modern practical matriarchies by radically reforming the existing political, legal, and economic structures in the targeted communities. We do not aim to implement systems parallel to those enforced by law:
    • This does not mean that we could not use civil disobedience at some point to help the party achieve its goals.

Our matriarchy's social project shall start with three basic steps :

  1. At the political level, Aviacracy means that grandmothers (who do not have a daughter who is herself a grandmother) will hold an exclusive right to vote;
  2. At the economic level, Donarism will provide a universal basic income program that will guaranty that no one, and especially mothers with minor children, falls below the poverty line;
  3. At the social level, the default Matriage framework implies that the child's mother and matrilineal siblings will hold exclusive legal rights and duties to the child's care.

Decision making

The consensus decision model will guide members to enforce any change or addition regarding the party's official program1 . Any decision-making body can form a specific committee to help members who share a particular status express their views more accurately. The decision to organize a new committee or functional structure will be reached by the party's parent instance in consensus.

However, to be in line with our fundamental political goal, only grandmother members will decide who will be the party's election candidates. The candidate selection will take place using the consensus decision model, within the party's grandmother committee.

Therefore, each new regional or national IMP body will be set up by the party's international committee using the consensus decision model. One of its highest priorities will be to set up a grandmothers' committee responsible for the choice of elections candidates.


1 « Consensus decision making is a creative and dynamic way of reaching agreement between all members of a group. Instead of simply voting for an item and having the majority of the group getting their way, a group using consensus is committed to finding solutions that everyone actively supports, or at least can live with. »
Consensus Decision Making
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