Matriarchist Party Manifesto

Patriarchy has failed! The time has come for Matriarchy.

1- Is it too late?

It is now a 100 seconds to midnight!

2- Living in Matriarchy

A credible, viable, and proven alternative

3- Aviacracy: voting with care, wisdom and awareness

Only our grandmothers will have the right to vote

4- Large, strong and united family clans

Children grow up having several mothers. Mothers are surrounded, supported and freer

5- Matriage: Facing 3rd millennium challenges with matrilocal family clans

Improve the functioning of our society instead of spreading it

6- ICT and the digital revolution are allies of matriarchy

Now is the time for local renewable energies, digital communications and sharing networks

7- Donarism: The Gift and Sharing Economy

The pleasure of offering others what we do best

8- The transition to modern matriarchy

Foreseeing the third millennium with serenity

9- Where to establish the first matriarchist party?

Two progressists nations of reasonable size

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