Contribute to International Matriarchist Party

Support from people like you

There are several ways to support the International Matriarchist Party. Support from people like you makes this third Millenium revolution possible. You can:

Financial Contributions

You can also make a financial contribution to support the International Matriarchist Party (IMP). Community funds will assist in the costs of:

  • Hardware and infrastructure expenses related to IMP servers
  • Domain and hosting fees for IMP domains
  • IMP Web Sites development and maintenance
  • Supporting National Matriarchist Party branches' creation
  • Promotion and advertising of IMP
  • Other expenses deemed necessary

The IMP is a not-for-profit entity in the early stage of registration in Québec, Canada. The entirety of your donation, after PayPal fees, goes directly to the IMP.

Is my donation to IMP tax deductible?

The is no registered political Matriarchist Party anywhere in the world for the moment. Donations to the IMP are not yet tax-deductible. We will proudly announce the creation of the first registered Matriarchist Party as soon as it occurs. We hope that you will contribute to making this happen in your community as quickly as possible.

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