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Our families can save the world

Matriarchist Party Manifesto; Establish modern matriarchies in the western world

  1. Is it too late?
    Extract : The encouraging actions of our ruling class are extremely rare. It looks like the scientific community is out of warning strategies: the very survival of our civilization is at stake. And too little seems to be in place to avoid the worst. We, therefore, believe that it is legitimate to question many fundamental aspects of our way of life.
  2. Living in Matriarchy
    Extract : We do have before us a credible, viable and proven alternative to our delusional patriarchal capitalist democracy. Matriarchies are based on cycles rather than on the growth pyramid of patriarchy. They Thus offer the fundamental advantage of being able to last practically forever.
  3. Aviacracy: voting with care, wisdom and awareness
    Extract : We thus fully assume the implications of aviacracy on our societies' fundamental principle of equality between us all. We believe that our grandmothers are the fittest to make the best decisions for the well-being of all. In the meantime, however, in order to ensure a quick and efficient transition, our proposal only targets the right to vote, in our current political system.
  4. Large, strong and united families
    Extract : The greatest impact of a modern matriarchy and a revolutionary aviacracy enforcement will be the restoration of the family institution as the main link of our social fabric.
  5. Facing 3rd millennium challenges with matrilocal families
    Extract : Unlike the nuclear model, the matrilocal family is rather broad and vertical, with a focus on the multi-generation maternal lineage living at the same place. This model is well suited to help us face the social, economic and environmental challenges that our community will face in the coming decades.
  6. ICT and the digital revolution are allies of matriarchy
    Extract : The digital revolution shall rely on a reliable network of access points, catalyzing local energy generation and manufacturing resources for the benefit of small, interconnected groups of people. By focusing on large, strong and united matrilocal families interaction, matriarchy will simply restore this community dynamic that promotes links between citizens.
  7. Donarism: The Gift and Sharing Economy
    Extract : Food, clothing and proper housing will be carried out for the whole population. With the pooling of our resources and our energies facilitated by digital communications, a multitude of new networks will emerge, full of goods and services circulating free of charge. Above all, these new economic exchanges will be driven by the rewarding pleasure of self-emancipation through what we do best, and that we can offer to others.
  8. The transition to modern matriarchy
    Extract : Family is one of the most unifying institutions that humans have imagined. Today, for too many of us, it has become a source of conflict and division. On the contrary, our society is in great need of recovering the strength of a strong family fabric, to enable it to face the enormous challenges ahead of us.